Converting TWiki to MediaWiki

A while ago, we migrated our Entropia Wiki from TWiki to MediaWiki. I wrote a little dirty Perl script to help us migrating and it did help a lot. I’m not maintaining it anymore, still I wanted to share the script as it could be useful for other people. You can get it here. Don’t bother me with bug reports 🙂

From the script’s description:

# twiki2mediawiki converts TWiki Wikis to MediaWiki SQL. Make backups and pray.
# A todo list called Twiki2mediawiki_TODO_list will be generated, so you can
# check each page for conversion errors.
# - Doesn't handle umlauts in titles
# - Leaves some HTML-markup that worked in TWiki hanging around
# - Doesn't handle *fat* TWiki-style
# - Doesn't handle TWiki-tables
# - Doesn't handle Inter-TwikiWeb.Links correctly
# - Doesn't handle all styles of links
# - Full text earching does not work: As you really should touch
#   every single page anyway, this is not a big problem.
# Visit "Twiki2mediawiki_TODO_list" to fix your wiki:
# - Rename a lot of pages (CameLcase)
# - Fix b0rken links (see BUGS)
# - Fix b0rken markup (see BUGS)

I believe the full-text search would work if you let MediaWiki reindex the whole Wiki. There’s some info about that in the German Wikipedia’s Download page.

5 Responses to “Converting TWiki to MediaWiki”

  1. Asheesh Laroia Says:

    I want to use your syntax conversion code in my tool, which is written in Python and converts history as well.

    Would you formally declare a license for your work? It would be most convenient if you would place it in the public domain or under the BSD license. That way I’ll be allowed to share my Python-based converter with the Internet community.



  2. neingeist Says:

    I’ll put it under the public domain! Nice to see someone using the stuff, because that’s why I put it up on my blog. However, I really think the conversion would be better if one would write a real parser for the stuff.

  3. Hub Says:

    Looks like you are gonna save me time:

    Thanks a lot.

  4. lucasvo Says:


    Your script was quite useful, but it has had some problems with an image:


    I had to backslash the ‘

    thanks for the script


    ps:the wiki is at or

  5. laser Says:

    thanks for share!

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