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Thursday, September 16th, 2004


I hate Movable Type. Struggling with the comment spam (about certain drugs helping men be men again, you know), I tried to install the SCode plugin; with the effect that now no comments can be posted anymore. I suspect that it’s the braindead BSD philosophy that lead to two broken Perl versions on One is the antique 5.00503, the other one is Perl 5.8. Thanks, BSD, now I know why you use a helldemon as your mascot.

Maybe I should enhance BKNR‘s blogging features, when I have more time learning Lisp, but then again… BKNR is just another bastard love child of Manuel, a knight of just that punk BSD philosophy, I can already hear his demonic laughter.


Thursday, September 16th, 2004

I love toys. My new one is Toogle, an image search engine that displays its results in ASCII Art, using the search term itself:


I’m posting a screenshot, the HTML would be >100KB… Link via
Grand Text Auto, a group blog about interactive narrative, games, poetry, and art. One of my favourite blogs, indeed.