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Converting TWiki to MediaWiki

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

A while ago, we migrated our Entropia Wiki from TWiki to MediaWiki. I wrote a little dirty Perl script to help us migrating and it did help a lot. I’m not maintaining it anymore, still I wanted to share the script as it could be useful for other people. You can get it here. Don’t bother me with bug reports 🙂

From the script’s description:

# twiki2mediawiki converts TWiki Wikis to MediaWiki SQL. Make backups and pray.
# A todo list called Twiki2mediawiki_TODO_list will be generated, so you can
# check each page for conversion errors.
# - Doesn't handle umlauts in titles
# - Leaves some HTML-markup that worked in TWiki hanging around
# - Doesn't handle *fat* TWiki-style
# - Doesn't handle TWiki-tables
# - Doesn't handle Inter-TwikiWeb.Links correctly
# - Doesn't handle all styles of links
# - Full text earching does not work: As you really should touch
#   every single page anyway, this is not a big problem.
# Visit "Twiki2mediawiki_TODO_list" to fix your wiki:
# - Rename a lot of pages (CameLcase)
# - Fix b0rken links (see BUGS)
# - Fix b0rken markup (see BUGS)

I believe the full-text search would work if you let MediaWiki reindex the whole Wiki. There’s some info about that in the German Wikipedia’s Download page.

Superman is a dick

Saturday, April 9th, 2005