The Tower of Babylon

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel

Netzstaub and The Lunatic Fringe have recently been thinking about the same thing I was thinking about: multi-language support in weblogs. I’ve been blogging rarely, but when I did, I couldn’t really decide which language to choose. Now I basically decided to just stick to English as I could need some exercise (not that I wouldn’t need that for German, too…) and most of the German readers can read English good enough while most of the anglo-/american people I know are not that savvy in foreign languages.

Then again, there are reasons why should probably just switch to running something like WordPress with Polyglot, which enables you to have parts of your blog entry in different languages and only display the fitting parts as the reader chooses. On the other hand, I’d like to keep each language completly seperate, that is writing a blog article in English and then having the option to translate it as a whole to German and presenting the reader the best-fitting version of the article. (Just how Apache does it with MultiViews).
Time to write my own blog software… (with blackjack! and multi-language support!)

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  1. Alexander Trust Says:

    I am kind of trying something similar as you wrote above. I would like to know wether you’ve made some experiences or not on howto display just genuine articles in different languages?


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