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There’s a Radio Chaotica podcast
now, I’ll be adding the old shows as I have time.

We’ve been busy bees, folks. Not only have we finished five Saugnapf shows in the last weeks, we also
have a few Radio Chaotica
ready for your listening pleasure.

Saugnapf is our music-from-the-net show,
mostly done by netzstaub,
supported by me, dividuum of the bl0rg crew and lately by julian, too. For you non-german people
out there: It’s a music show, don’t ask, go downloading!

My favorite Saugnapf shows as of now (get
Bittorrent to download!):

Also, there’s a few Radio Chaotica shows
available for download. I’d recommend starting with

this time about the concept of a “culture flatrate”, moderated by me and

The “culture flatrate” is to be seen as an alternative to the ongoing criminalisation
of music downloads on the internet. (Again, for the british: sorry, it’s
a lot of german, so probably nothing for you guys.) Please check out the
Radio Chaotica podcast,
I’ll be adding the old shows as I have time.

The next Radio Chaotica
show will be about the topic Podcasting,
so if you have no idea what a podcast is (and you do understand german), tune
in on Querfunk on the 21st march, 16:00 CET.

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