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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Processing VJ application

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I wanted to have some sort of visuals going on for my next gig (which will be detroit-like techno improvisation
and maybe chillout-dub stuff at this party), searched a bit on the net and found all those
beautiful processing sketches, which I could modify to sync to the MIDI coming out of my sequencer. This blog
posting will be a bit chaotic like all my posts, and sprinkled with code, but the main point is: I can load multiple
PApplets, sync them to the incoming MIDI in a simple way, and control everything out of the Ableton Live applicaiton
I use to play my music. You can basically take most processing sketches off the web, modify them slightly, and
run them in the VJ application. You can get the code at svn co svn:// , or the (debug version) at
here (run with java -jar Polymaniac.jar –standalone). This is a kind of alpha
release, it has not been tested really, but I will
in the next few days, and keep updating blog postings, and it’ll have to work until the 5th august anyway. The posting is
now about how the application’s internals, and a kind of reference for me as I keep forgetting everything.
When you start the application using the –standalone switch, you can use the keyboard keys (qwerty layout) to trigger
midi events. Top row is DRUM notes, middle row is BASS notes, lower row is EVENT notes). A few test applets are loaded, but
peek inside the setup() method of to load your own. I’ll add a dynamic ClassLoader in the next few days.
You can switch to fullscreen using “f”.


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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

CDR release: felinophoria

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I put my first CDR online at It’s called felinophoria and features tracks I’ve made over the past six months, though most are from the last 3 weeks. You can also send me an email to order the CDR for 10 EUR + packaging posts (or 15 EUR for CDR + DVDR with all the smaples, sequencer files and reaktor ensembles used), just drop me an email at

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