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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog migration

Hello chumps and chumpettes,

I moved my blog over to Update your bookmarks and point your rss readers to As always, loads of musical and technical content (mostly technical as I’m into heavy geek mode at the moment).

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Announcing Ruin & Wesen

I am very proud to announce the launch of the Ruin & Wesen website at I am Wesen, and Ruin is my partner in Canada. We are building analog and digital music gear, and our first two products are especially directed towards Elektron users. I am specializing on the digital side and software programming, while Ruin is a master of analog noisemakers. Our goal is to make flexible gear for musicians, because we think that with electronic music it all boils down to the workflow rather than pure sound shaping. Careful thought has been put into the user interfaces of our machines. Both Ruin and Wesen are musicians, and value the possibilities that lie in well thought out instruments.

As each musician’s approach to electronic music is different, we believe in making our products easily customizable. This means that we will work and rework our firmwares, adding additional features, modifying some, and sometimes completely changing the purpose of our products. We also believe that users should be able to do these modifications themselves, which is why we provide extensive documentation, schematics and sourcecode for our devices.

But enough about that – without further ado, please welcome the MidiCommand and the MonoJoystick.


The MidiCommand is a “generic” MIDI controller that has native support for the Elektron MachineDrum. It features 5 endless encoders, a small backlit LCD and an additional button. The initial firmware features 8 patches, each of which is made up of 4 pages of 4 controls each. Pages and patches are easily accessed and each parameter can be configured using the built-in editor. The MidiCommand can also be programmed from a computer.

Each page of the MidiCommand features a Macro knob which allows you to change simultaneously up to 4 parameters at once – all at the twist of a single knob. Each patch also features a Macro page where each encoder can be assigned to modify up to 4 parameters. With native support for the MachineDrum, the MidiCommand can access the effect machines of the MachineDrum directly, allowing you to tweak effects without the need of a CTR-FX machine.

I use the MidiCommand a lot in my sets, here is a small set recorded on video: Liveset video


The MonoJoystick is a joystick companion for the Elektron MonoMachine. Its interface makes it very easy to integrate and the device sends the same data as the SFX-6 joystick, allowing it to be controlled directly using the ASSIGN menu of the
MonoMachine. The MonoJoystick is more than just a joystick replacement or add-on, however – the MonoJoystick allows you to send joystick data to multiple tracks at once, to revert the current kit to its saved status (think function + classic on the Machinedrum), and to revert a single track to its saved status!

If you’ve been waiting for a CTR-AL machine on the MonoMachine, the MonoJoystick is perfect for you. Press the SELECT button on the MonoJoystick, and each knob twist on the MonoMachine will be sent to each track. You can also broadcast knob twists to only certain selected tracks.

Here is a small video showcasing the MonoJoystick: MonoJoystick video

Both the MidiCommand and the MonoJoystick can be preordered from our website at Also check the website for additional information, product manuals, example videos and DIY information! Use our RSS feeds to stay up-to-date – there is much more to come in the following weeks!

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