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Saturday, October 20, 2007

song a day #003: breakcore shit

So I’m trying to do this zak mc kracken/indiana jones remix for a friend, and well… I really think one day is not enough for a song, there will be plenty more of rubbish tries up here 🙂 What I discovered in this one: noisia kind of basses are kind of fun to do, as well as automatising the synth pitch (of the bass in this case). I will have to do this with clean samples for the break and the drums, and try to get a good groove before going into breakland. Still, learnt some stuff about breaks in this one.

Enjoy (*cough*):

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

song-a-day #002 : darn that dream

So I’ve been trying to “arrange” Darn That Dream by Van Heusen for “synths”, trying at first to be able to play the chords on the piano. I wanted an atmosphere kind of similar to those my friends utofbu, cc and monkvolcano make. Well, to be honest this is complete rubbish, I discovered a few things though and I think I will work on this tune again tomorrow and upload that as a future song-a-day as well.

Enjoy (*cough*):

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

song-a-day #001 : dubstep fool

I’m gonna try this experiment of doing one song per day, not limiting myself to any genre or whatever. This will be the occasion to polish my skills, try different ideas, etc… The first one, some stupid melodic dubstep, trying out different wobble sounds. I guess it needs work on the drums, on loads of background weird noises washed out in reverb, and the melody sucks 🙂 Also, one song a day means I will often not spend more than 1 hour on a song, so obviously (like this one) they will be quite lacking in the “storytelling” dimension. Though I’ll try to work on that as well.


I tried to make the bass as fat as I could, my ears are a bit tired now, I’ll check tomorrow if it worked 🙂

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