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Monday, October 22, 2007

song a day #005: machine calling

So I spent most of the day debugging and reinstalling stuff on my macbook, which has a weird random application crash bug since I got. Everything got changed except the display, and the bug is still there and driving me crazy. Random apps would crash (everything, finder, mail, irc client, etc…), but most importantly, all my music apps would crash, which really helps the flow. Anyway, I didn’t really have time to make a track, so I ended up just doing some small machinedrum ditty, and jamming it into audacity without really rehearsing the track or so. Tried to pan stuff a bit left and right, I’ll have to work on that. Made some nice noises with the NOISE and IMPULSE machine. The rest is just my standard boring machinedrum funk.

EDIT: Hah, I noticed that I didn’t use half of the song, so that boring chord blingbling at the beginning is actually supposed to continue. The melody continues as well… Whatever….


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