À táble !

Voici un tout nouveau blog qui propose des recettes de cuisine tékumelanies…

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3 réponses à À táble !

  1. Kim dit :

    Merci, Imaginos. D’apprendre que des Français – les maîtres de la gastronomie — dans le monde occidental – regardent mon blogette; je me sens très honoré! (Permettez-moi de apoligize: Je suis un idiot américain; je comprends francais tres mal.

    • Imaginos dit :

      But (apart for your last sentence, which is a little flawed), you write it very fluently ! ;-)

      • Kim dit :

        I’ll switch to English now, with apologies to you and your readers. My knowledge of French is strictly « bibliographic » — I can understand titles of articles and books, and usually abstracts of academic publications.

        I feel more cheerful, to be reminded that there are people interested in Tekumel who are not part of the Anglophone sphere. I’d like to start following your blog, to practice my (very poor) reading skills in French.

        Though I have to say, as ‘une Americaine stupide’, I really hate ‘Firefly’ and am sorry to see it accepted abroad. You can do much better, and I hope this country will someday also do the same.

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